Global Detail

Noorderlicht international Photo Festival, 2003
Stichting Aurora Borealis, Groningen, The Netherlands

Robert Walker (Can)

Consuming Icons

Since the 1980s Robert Walker has been fascinated by Colour, inspired by Pop Art artists like Roy Lichtenstein and Robert Rauschenburg. For years he has photographed the street scene in large cities like New York, where advertising on facades, in shop windows and on billboards must fight for attention. In these photographs, which have appeared in the book Color is Power (2002), among other places, commerce declares its power over the street in  bright lights and screaming colours. In Las Vegas Walker (b. 1945) documented another aspect of visual pushiness. The city known for its casinos, is dominated by colossal copies of famous buildings.

Wim Melis

Las Vegas / Paris 2002
Las Vegas / Egypt 2002
Las Vegas / New York 2002
Las Vegas / Venice 2002