The Prix Picket, teNeues, New York, 2014

Consumption, a book based on the theme of the fifth cycle of the Prix Pictet, is published and distributed worldwide by teNeues. This book brings the portfolios of the eleven shortlisted artists together with outstanding individual images by photographers from the wider nomination. Profits accrued from the publication will be used to support the Prix Pictet Commission. Consumption is available to pre-order from the teNeues website, gallery bookshops and other outlets worldwide.

The book includes essays by Slavoj Žižek and Alex Danchev, as well as a foreword by Prix Pictet Honorary President, Kofi Annan, who writes:

‘We are all consumers. Our survival depends on our ability to exploit the abundant riches of the natural world. Until recently there was a delicate but effective balance between our own needs and what the planet could supply. We now find that that balance has shifted radically. In the so-called developed world need has given way to desire. We have emptied the seas and ravaged the land in our relentless drive to satisfy and then stimulate further our unquenchable desires. We have created vast empires based on luxury goods we don’t need. We have sustained all of this by often thoughtless exploitation of the world’s poorest countries and communities.’