Blue Box

Blue Box
S & B drukkerij, Oss, 2003
Mondriaan Foundation

This publication is issued on the occasion of the educative approach of the exhibition Color is Power, a presentation of the works of photographer Robert Walker. The exhibition is the result of an international, substantive co-operation between the Musée de l’Élysée, Lausanne and the Museum Jan Cunen in Oss.

AIM: To give students an insight into how a museum functions and how artists work, by means of a guided tour and workshops with artists.
ACTIVITY: A drama teacher uses role-playing to teach students to EXPRESS themselves, in order to help them imagine how an artist works. By means of new digital video mixing techniques, they actually BECOME PART OF THE WORK by the artist Robert Walker.
TOUR: Students are given a brief glimpse into the history of photography, Robert Walker’s manner of working and the use of art in combination with commercials and music video clips.
WORKSHOP: After each tour the students are divided into two groups, and each group is given a different assignment.
Group 1 – Imagine that you art a Star (Pop Star, Sports Figure, Movie Star, etc.) During the interview, answer each question as if you really are that person.
Group 2 – Analyze the situation you see in the photograph by Robert Walker. Then play out this scene in front of the blue screen. This performance will then be mixed with video and projected onto a wall, so you can see yourselves inside Walker’s photographs.
VIEWING: After the workshop the two groups then come together again and watch the scenes, which have been recorded on digital video.